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Azimut Yacht

Azimut Yacht - Ultimate Yacht Luxury By Azimut Benetti In Azimut Boats For Sale

Azimut yachts have a rich history dating back to 1969 when Paolo Vitelli (at least as dashing as his yachts!), made his entrance into the boating world. In an Azimut yacht, the Italian manufactured line of yachts, you will discover ultra-luxury and master-craftsmanship, and probably pay pleasure boat yacht insurance to match! Just imaging partaking in a world yacht dinner cruise in one of these Azimut boat beauties!

After importing and selling boats for a number of years, and later on also including production of mid fibreglass boats, the Azimut yacht entrepreneur took a major step forward some twenty years ago. This was when the Benetti boat yard was incorporated into Azimut Yachts. The progression this bold Azimut Benetti association set in motion, eventually culminated in the development of the world class range of Azimut yachts.

Azimut boats are the stuff dreams are made of. The four latest Azimut yacht models include two Open S range vessels, and two in the Flybridge range. The 43S Azimut Yacht is another eye-pleasing Open design by Stefano Righini.

The second version of the new Open Azimut Boats, is the Azimut Yacht 62S model. This luxury cruiser again clearly has the Righini stamp all over it. His magic touch succeeds in emphasizing privacy on the one hand, and light, roominess, and airiness on the other. As in all Azimut boats, views forever, and comfort on board, are his trademarks. These Azimut yachts are a full 18,38 meters long, and have two lavish en-suite cabins.

In the Flybridge Azimut Yacht range, the new Azimut 85 yacht is described as your floating home from home. Carlo Galeazzi was responsible for the interior concepts. Just over 85 feet long, one of the outstanding features is the panoramic windows on both yacht decks. Two distinct versions of these Azimut yachts, the Owner and the Classic yacht, allow you to choose according to your needs.

The flagship of the new Azimut yachts, so to speak, is the breath-taking Azimut Yacht 105. This vessel has two and a half decks, space galore, and the customary expansive Righini windows. The flybridge features sun roofs, facilitating comfort while entertaining friends, or relaxing. The Azimut yacht 105 also sports a heavenly hydro-massage tub.

Azimut Yacht
Apart from opulence and spaciousness, the main characteristic of the brilliant interior design of this Azimut Boat is its flexibility. Different variations of the spaces are facilitated, making a change in ownership of the vessel as accommodating as possible.

The Azimut yacht's accommodation allows for an owner's suite with all the amenities you can dream of, as well as four guest staterooms. Alternatively the main deck can be used entirely for communal spaces. The master interior designer, Carlo Galeazzi's hand can be seen in the lightness and brightness abounding throughout this Azimut yacht.

The Azimut 116 Yacht is another mega-choice yacht. This Azimut yacht's enticing elegance and design harmony will win you over. Again the exterior styling carries the name of Stefano Righini. The layout of this sleek Azimut boat offers a number of choices, with marked differences between the US version, and the European Azimut yachts. The US Azimut 116 Yacht has a smaller sized galley, and the owner's suite is found in the forward sections. In the European Azimut boat, the galley is long, there is a dinette on the port side, and the owner's suite is located on the lower deck. The Azimut 116 yacht offers a choice between four and five cabins.

Whether you are just day-dreaming about owning one of these ravishing, graceful Azimut Benetti yachts, or are in the privileged position to be able to look at an Azimut Yacht for sale (and the boat yacht insurance that is goes hand in hand with the purchase) it will be clear that a lifetime of expertise went into the creation of the masterpiece Azimut Yacht collection.

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